Design Vocabulary

Printed Editions

There are many who have preferred a print version of this book. An early bid from a print center came in around $179.00, most likely all in color. To counter this, I have coordinated with a reputable print and copy center to reduce the price to something more reasonable. The solution was to divide the book into four parts: two on BG's architecture, and one on his teaching, featuring the work of his students.

To test the results, the entire book was printed out on 28# coated paper in black and white on  a color printer. The results were so stunning that it could bring the desired results without the outrageous costs, so we offer it now as 1. a printed edition; (2) as  BOOK/CD

combinations and (3) as individual PFDs of each separate edition.

As a result you can order the book in several editions to suit your needs. The book is priced with a spiral plastic-covered wire binding with extra heavy covers. A softcover edition is also being explored.  You can order them unbound if you want to provide your own binding, as some libraries might want. Write for details and lower prices 

You Can Get a Color CD of Each Separate Edition

 Each individual edition has it's own full-color CD attached to the inside back page of the book in a sleeve.

If you do NOt want the printed book, you can still buy each publication's full-color PDF.  

The individual edition prices can be seen in the bottom sections.

The Early Work: 1904-1955

This edition begins with the work of the child prodigy who drew cathedrals for entertainment. His father brought him to apprentice in a firm in Tulsa, OK, where he was responsible for the design of the Boston Avenue Church. After a stint in the Seabees and work in California, he searched for an architecture based on a concept of indeterminacy. He was eventually lured to the University in his home state of Oklahoma, where he designed the Ledbetter, Ford and Bavinger house, among many others. He carried on his architectural practice while also directing the architecture school. These fine works are featured in this volume. 

11" x 8.5 - 153 pgs.

$29.00 + 3.45 Ship = $ 32.45

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Goff as Teacher: 1947-1955

This edition focuses on Goff's music, his art and the creation of  a new school based on the organic principles of his mentors, Louis Sullivan, Antonio Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright. He developed a very unique methodology of teaching and the outstanding creative work of his students are included in this edition. Also included are Goff's numerous compositions and illustrations for a book. The student work done during this period outshines anything being done in any other school in the world. Goff's own words, which were transcribed verbatim directly from his lectures, are used heavily throughout the chapters within this edition.

11" x 8.5 - 138 pgs.

$29.00 + 3.45 Ship = $32.45

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The Later Work: 1956-1955

After Goff left the University he settled in the Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and began the second version of a home for his patron client, Joe Price. The home underwent an addition with Price's extensive Japanese art and screen collection, and was called Shin'enKan. Goff also built many more residences and a church before moving to Kansas City, KS.

Here, he added many more innovative residences to his work, before moving again to Tyler, TX.  His final work, carried out by architect Bart Prince after Goff's death, was a museum pavilion on the site of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art that would house Joe Price's entire collection of art. 

11" x 8.5 - 142 pgs.

$29.00 + 3.45 Ship = $32.45 

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Complete Works: 1904-1983

This edition contains everything in the other three editions, in the exact chronoligical sequence as the original digital, full-color PDF. 


All four editions will be printed on 28# coated paper in black + white with heavier stock front and back.

Covers will be in full color, and all books will be bound by an attractive coiled black wire spiral.

* A color CD can be inserted in a sleeve inside the back cover, for an extra charge. It is encrypted against copying and/or printing.  See the lower section for the complete package of Book/CD, or just the color PDF.

11" x 8.5 - 339 pgs.

$49.00 + 3.75 Ship = $52.75

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Prefer full-color? 

GET a COLOR CD In addition to the printed B+W book edition!


1904 - 1955


1947 - 1955


1956 - 1983


1904 - 1983

This set of BOOK/CD combinations brings full color to the images if you so desire. Each individual book has ONLY the corresponding CD  - NOT the entire book. The CD will be inserted into a plastic sleeve and attached to the inside of the back cover. 

Each Book/CD, 1-2-3 = $39.00, Plus $3.45 postage = $42.45

COMPLETE WORK Book/CD = $54.00 + $3.75 = $57.75

All sent Medial Mail with tracking. Expedited shipping (first Class) is extra. 


If you do NOT want the PRINTED editions, you can still have a full-size, full-color PDF of each edition that you can download onto your computer or reading device.


1904 - 1955


1947 - 1955


1956 - 1983


1904 - 1983

These PDFs are stored on Dropbox. they are all encrypted and cannot be copied or printed, so you will be given the link and passcode necessary to download them to your device. The value of the PDF, in addition to the low cost is that they are deliverable by return email, unlike the books that require print-on-demand, binding, producing and assembling the CDs into the books. This can take a minimum of one week from your order.